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As a child, Carl Bosch (1874 - 1940) was very curious. Nothing in his parents’ house was safe from his scientific curiosity. He took apart his mother’s sewing machine, he coloured his family’s valuable copper plates black with his chemical experiments, and he spent all his pocket money on installing his own miniature laboratory.  
In the spirit of Carl Bosch’s childhood curiosity, we encourage our young visitors to carry out the experiments on their own, enabling them to comprehend scientific phenomena with all their scenses. 

“Tüfteltreff” – Science experiment gatherings
We offer Science experiment gatherings to our young individual visitors (7 – 10 year-olds). The meeting takes place twice a month, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 15.00 to 16.15 and costs 3 € per child. This activity can’t be booked by groups.

Please contact us for booking and further information +49 (0)6221 603616.

“Forschen wie Carl Bosch” – Researching like Carl Bosch

We offer experiment workshops for preschool, school and private children groups (in German):

Kitchen Experiments

For 5 – 6 year-olds (preschool):
“Losgesaust und Aufgebraust” – Workshop on paper chromatography and carbonated drinks
- Paper chromatography: Colour race
- The making of carbonated drinks
-  fizzy fire extinguisher

“Abstoßend - oder was"
- Workshop on magnetism
- Ferromagnetism: fishing with magnets
- Dipoles: attracting, repelling and floating magnets
- Magnet driving school

For 6 – 10 year-olds (elementary school):
“Lufti-Kuss” – Workshop on air pressure and combustion
- Air pressure: What happens to a chocolate marshmallow in the mountains?  
- Combustion: How does fire react when it’s locked up?
- Constructing straw rockets

“Gesalzene Versuche” – Workshop on heat of crystallisation, freezing mixtures and gas
- Heat of crystallisation: What happens in a heating pad?
- Freezing mixture: How to cool without a refrigerator
- Gas: What is invisible, fizzy and extinguishes fire?

For 10 – 13 year-olds (grades 5 - 7):
“Unter Strom” – Workshop on electricity and magnetism
- Induction: How does a generator work?
- Electromagnetism: How does an electromotor work?
- Constructing an electromotor

Here we charge additional 2, 50 € for material costs per child for constructing the electromotor. If requested, the program can be shortened by excluding the construction of an electromotor. Then no additional costs will be charged.
“Quer durch den Garten" – Workshop on fluorescence, biopolymerisation and polarity of liquids
- Fluorescence: the luminous drink
- Biopolymerisation: eating fruit juice
- Color storm in a water glass

General terms
Duration: about 2 hours, break included.

Size of the group: up to 12 children + at least 1 accompanying adult person.
Price: 40 € basic fee + 1, 50 € material costs per child. The participation of the accompanying person is free of charge.
Accompanying persons have supervision responsibility and are legally liable.

Please contact us for booking and further information: +49 (0) 6221 603616.